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mh diffusion

                        M.H. Diffusion France                      

Our company is specialized in clearance stocks, overstocks & excess inventory.

We are wholesalers and distributors having customers located in the worldwide.  

Supplying independent companies, retailers and non-traditional channels and we are continually looking for all kinds of consumer products to purchase for our customers, to be resold outside of your normal distribution channels.  

We are looking for big volumes & big quantities. We are specialized in overstocks, clearance stocks, overproductions, leftovers, NON CONFORM GOODS, cancelled orders, LIQUIDATIONS, even with minor defects for consumer goods articles or short shelf life for foodstuffs products and drinks.  

We handle all typologies of goods and items: Household items, decoration, furniture, linen,  clothing & textiles, cosmetics, perfumes, toys, garden items, tools, crafts, textiles,  construction and building, as well as canned food products in general & drinks, wines, beers and spirits

Generally, we are interested by all kinds of articles and products that can be sold in retail stores & hypermarkets, packed  for the retail market.

       We deal ONLY clearance & excess stocks

We need products and goods packaged exclusively for the retail market. 


We offer prompt guaranteed payments on all purchases.


If you have at the moment any opportunities on excess stock would you please send us a detailed offer including the products descriptions, quantities, prices, and if possible some photos of these products, or a website address where we will be able to visualize these products.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you should require any further information.

Our e-mail:   

Phone: (+33) 970 403 306 

Mobile: (+33) 650 149 999